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Dental Preventive in Rancho Cucamonga Ca

Dental Preventative Services by Oasis Dental in Rancho Cucamonga, California
Your smile says everything about who you are. You want your smile to be beautiful and healthy and we want to help you keep it that way, which is why we offer many different types of preventative dental services. Taking care of your teeth is the best way to keep your smile glowing so that you can share it with everyone around you.

Basic tooth and gum care are a necessity for beautiful and healthy teeth, but beyond brushing and flossing on a daily basis, there are several other preventative dental services that will help ensure your teeth are strong and healthy for a lifetime. When you are proactive with your teeth and take advantage of preventative dental services, you are giving your teeth the best chance of staying healthy for a lifetime. We recommended that you visit us on a regular basis for a full check-up and dental screening to check for decay and gum disease, as well as get a thorough, professional cleaning. Outside of general dentistry cleanings, these are some of the preventative dental services we offer and recommend for a healthy smile.

Most people are not familiar sealants. Sealants are a protective measure for teeth that are pitted with deep grooves and divots that are harder to reach with a regular toothbrush and even mouth rinses. Food and bacteria get into the grooves and divots and cannot be swept away with a toothbrush so the bacteria will grow and can eventually cause tooth decay. To prevent this, you can protect your teeth with sealants. Sealants are typically used on molars and premolar teeth which are the most susceptible to lingering and hidden bacteria. Sealant is placed along the grooves and divots to seal them off from food and particles to hide. The sealant can last for many years and can be checked at your regular dental check-ups with us.

Fluoride is essential for strong teeth in order to fight off tooth decay. It is needed from the time you get your first tooth, forward, and some may need more than others in order to maintain a strong set of teeth. Fluoride is typically found in the toothpaste you use to brush your teeth as well as some in the water you drink and brush your teeth with. Even so, you may need to have fluoride treatments to go along with the regular care you give your teeth with brushing and flossing. This can be applied during a visit with us after a regular cleaning.


Tooth grinding is a common problem many people have. It is often described as a nighttime issue where you subconsciously grind your teeth while you sleep. Grinding is very damaging to the teeth and can cause fractures and wearing down of the teeth, headaches, jaw pain and nerve damage. Nightguards are designed to help you stop grinding by buffering your teeth and prevent jaw clenching. We can fit you for a comfortable, professionally made nightguard to give you the relief you need and preserve your teeth.

Call Oasis Dental in Rancho Cucamonga, California to set up your appointment with Dr. Pinky Penalosa to get a full exam and start your preventative dental care today. The sooner you take advantage of our preventative services, the sooner you will start to love your beautiful, healthy smile.
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